Speaking Events

At Union Street Media, we want to do more than just build websites, we want to show you how the elements and underlying strategies behind an effective Real Estate website lead to success! We have over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and have helped our clients grow through online marketing strategies. Our knowledge and expertise sets us apart and enables us to speak with firsthand knowledge about topics relating to Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Lead Generation and more. Our presentations are structured to be accessible, informative and engaging to participants with any background. There are a lot of companies out there who will talk to you about websites and optimization but few that know how to make this information practical and easy to understand.

Our Presenter, John Merse, specializes in helping your audience understand todays emerging online marketing strategies by using real life examples of professional success stories. His presentations are tailored to each specific audience to ensure that they are receiving relevant information about their marketing place that they can put into use immediately.

Past Topics Have Included:

  • How to Use Online Analytics to Influence Business Decisions – This presentation focuses one how to use online metrics to build a website to take advantage of gaps in your online market area.
  • Effective Social Media Use in Real Estate – This presentation cuts through the hype and focuses on the “why” of social media, giving the participants effective guidelines to follow as they engage in the various social media channels available to them.
  • Online Video for Real Estate – This presentation shows participants how to utilize online video to attract and engage site visitors in ways that text and images just can’t achieve.
  • Being Yourself Online – This presentation focuses on social media and the approaches that will create an effective Internet presence. The goal is to show site visitors you understand the lifestyle that they want to lead and give them a compelling reason to connect with you online.

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