Blogging Your Way Past Writer’s Block

You’ve heard the buzz about blogs by now, and perhaps you have an understanding of their business value.   If not, you may want to check out our recent post about the HubSpot study that found that blogging businesses experience significant benefits in terms of lead growth, page visits, and search engine optimization, for their website.

We recommend that our customers blog regularly and frequently for maximum benefit. (Once a week seems to be a realistic goal for most people.)   This tends to bring up a couple of common concerns:  “What am I supposed to write about?” and  “Where do I find the time?”  

Suggestion #1: Be the expert that you are

Every day millions of people use the Internet to seek out businesses that meet specific product and service needs.  Blogs are an excellent opportunity to present your business as an authority and show both potential and returning customers that you offer real value in the form of knowledge.  Pick a topic that allows you to demonstrate your expertise and dive in.

Suggestion #2: Let your customers dictate your topic

Chances are, there are at least a couple of questions that you hear on a regular basis from your customers.  A time-saving idea for you: Craft a response to a frequently asked question and post it on your blog.  The next time someone asks you the question, you can point them to your blog post.

Suggestion #3: Stay up on current events within your industry

Keep an ear to the ground for hot topics in your industry.  Write an informative post that shares some insight.  Alternatively—or in addition—compile a list of relevant resources written by others in your field and link out to them with a brief synopsis of each.   Providing visitors access to valuable information will boost your credibility and earn you repeat visitors (and, likely, more business).

Suggestion #4: Stay up on current events outside your industry

Current events at large are great fodder for blogs because they’re what people are already talking about.  Find a creative way to tie today’s top news in with what you, as a company, do.

Suggestion #5: Line up a guest blogger

Identify colleagues with expertise in certain areas that relate to your business and invite them to write an article for your blog.  This provides great exposure for the guest, variety for the reader, and a break for you.  Just don’t get overly dependent on this one!

Suggestion #6: Repurpose existing content

Find an interesting article written by someone else on another website or in a newsletter.  Do a write-up, summarizing main points and your reactions, making sure to link out to the original.

Suggestion #7:  Make a list

It’s a commonly used and frequently recommended blog idea for good reason: “Top Ten” lists are popular, they’re (relatively) easy to write, and the format is extremely web-friendly.  Think of a fun topic and get creative.  Encourage your readers to comment on your post, sharing their own additions to your list.

Your blog is an opportunity to influence visitors’ perception of your business and the people who work there. We hope these suggestions will result in some great posts!

2 thoughts on “Blogging Your Way Past Writer’s Block

  1. Good steps to follow. I would add one more…practice, and practice more. It seems that once you get away from writing, the harder it is to start again. So even if you are not inspired by something on your list, just take a few minutes and write about how you are feeling today, or the weather or any other topic just to keep your skills in top shape.

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