How to Use Situations and Scenarios in Your Real Estate Blog

There’s no better way to kill your blog than with strictly promotional content. It’s true. In today’s world, the fate of a blog rests in its ability to tell engaging stories to its readers. In this post, we’ll go into a specific type of storytelling: using situations and scenarios to build promotion for your business.

I can hear your protests now:

1) “Why can’t I just write about my awesome real estate company?”

2) “People don’t want to read my thoughts. They want to get their info and move on.”

3) “But how am I supposed to market my business?”

And now my retorts:

1) Because people don’t want to read about your merger or brand-new team member.

2) This is only true when your lead has already made the decision to do business with you. If they are still in the consideration stage of finding a brokerage, your blog will signify the values of your company and likely influence their decision to work with you.

3) Through relevant situations and scenarios in your real estate blog.

I recently came across an article by Search Engine Journal on how to write blog posts around situations and scenarios for “boring” businesses. They made a suggestion for parking lot businesses: “Instead of writing a blog about why your parking lot is so great, create content for increasing awareness about drunk driving. Highlight the benefits of leaving a car in a safe place and taking a cab home that night.” In this suggestion, SEJ makes an apt observation: people respond best to content that provides value and seeks to do social good; conversely, they avoid content that is strictly promotional (who wants to read a blog post about how great a parking lot is?).

Real estate is far from boring, so the opportunities for valuable situations and scenarios abound. Instead of writing a blog about why your real estate company is so great, what if you created content that increased awareness for energy conservation and sustainable living? You could talk about small and easy changes to make with lighting and insulation to reduce energy costs. Since this is valuable information for new homeowners (who might be nervous about financially committing to a mortgage), you could attract more visitors to your site and signify why your real estate company is better than the rest.

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