Finding Local SEO Success with Recommended Searches

Your website’s recommended search tool is one of the most effective ways to gain local reach and drive qualified traffic to your website. You can use it to set up pages of listings that are hyper-local, even down to the neighborhood. You can also add geographically-focused introductory content to make your pages even more keyword-rich, useful, and relevant to local customers.

Our global data shows that visitors entering real estate websites through recommended search pages had exceptionally strong engagement metrics, including:

     38% more pages per visit than the average visitor

     40% more time spent on site

     32% more new visitors to the site (as opposed to returning visitors)

So what do these numbers mean? When people enter your website through recommended search pages, they are more likely to spend more time engaging with your content and to visit multiple pages on your website. Both of these factors increase conversion rates and the number of leads your site generates. The optimized content of recommended searches are more likely to draw in brand new visitors to your site rather than returning users; this means that your company extends its reach to an even wider pool of potential clients.anchorman-celebration-gif

One of our clients, Meservier & Associates, recently saw an increase in traffic to their website from their recommended search tool:

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 10.48.56 AM

More Benefits

In addition, visits that enter the site through recommended search pages were 22% more likely to stay on a site and explore, rather than click out of it right away. With such strong performance metrics, it’s worth taking the extra step to add links that point to relevant recommended search pages as you write location-specific blog posts or set up PPC campaigns. Users that land on a recommended search page can use the faceted search tool to better define their criteria and more easily find a listing to contact you about.

Registered visitors can even save quality ‘one-click’ searches to receive email updates about them. These new listing notification emails have a higher than average re-conversion rate and are crucial within the context of lead nurturing and brand loyalty.

What You Can Do

listing reportsThink about what buyers in your market are most interested in and send your ideas to us so that we can add recommended search pages to your site. Do people shop by neighborhood, school district, water body, or other criteria? The more you tell us about your market area, the better your local search opportunity can be.

Building and optimizing content-rich recommended search pages is a key ongoing strategy that our Internet marketing team employs. You can help us by sharing your knowledge of your clients’ preferences and your local area. Think about what your market is looking for (like specific towns, neighborhoods, property types, and particular features), and send your ideas so that we can add them to your site.

You can also use the listing reports on our admin platform to see which criteria (ex. number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, town, etc.) are most popular among your clients. Generate new recommended searches and content for your site.