I’ve been memed.

Every now and then the blogosphere has a slow day out and a “meme” is spread. While “meme” normally refers to any short, digestible bit of truthiness/buzz that spreads like wildfire, in blogland “memes” are usually a question or set of questions that you’re supposed to answer.

Memes spread from person to person, like a cold virus. A person answers and then passes it on.

I have received my first meme ever. From no less than Joseph Ferrara over at the Sellsius Real Estate blog.

I met him for the first time in person over a lunch organized by Pat Kitano at Inman Connect SF ’08. He’s behind the Good Sam Real Estate Network, a project that is built around the idea of helping people avoid foreclosure. I recommend you check that site out. Karma goes all directions.

Alright, so here’s the meme: 6 Random Things You Wouldn’t Know About Me Unless You Asked

  1. I once apprenticed at a letterpress, setting metal type by hand.
  2. I was a competitive pole-vaulter as a freshman in high school.
  3. I have played a solo on French Horn on stage at Carnegie hall.
  4. I grew up in North Dakota.
  5. On occasion I will let a telemarketer try to sell me something just to hear the pitch as well as to have some fun seeing what happens when I bring the conversation off their script or flowchart.
  6. I choose to believe in the existence of Champ, the monster who resides in Lake Champlain, because it makes life more interesting. I also have a normal, well-adjusted friend who grew up around fishing and boats who has seen Champ.

According to the code of meme-dom I must pass this question along. For the recipients who are tired of these chain-letter type things, my deepest apologies.

Sean Bossie, IT Systems Manager over at Wright Realty who really gets this internet marketing thing.

Bill Simmon, teacher videographer man-about-town who will probably chuckle quietly about being memed.

Anyone at the 7DVT staff blog because local is what matters.

Adam Fullerton, Marketing Intern alumnus of Union Street Media.