So I’ve signed up for Facebook and Twitter. How do I make them work for me?

If you have employed the services of a an Internet Marketing firm, chances are they have advised you to start a Facebook business page, Twitter account and a LinkedIn profile. You might have a blog, too, videos, and a life to lead!  That’s a lot to keep up with while juggling your day-to-day business operations if you don’t have the benefit of someone helping you manage all these accounts.

Here’s a few tips on how you can consolidate some of these platforms and seamlessly integrate them into your day-to-day operations.

Start with the blog

Use what’s happening around you to write blog posts. They can write themselves: a phone call with a client, an internal memo, a conference you attended, your email outbox, etc. Blog consistently and have these posts automatically feed to your Big 3 social media accounts.


I recommend Twitterfeed for getting content out to Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn has an application that guides you through feeding a blog (for example, WordPress).

Keep your titles short

We all know by now the word limit in Twitter. Right? It’s 140 characters, in case you have forgotten, so that means you want your most important information in the blog title so that people can read that in the Tweet or status update. Now the URL will take up 25 characters, so make your title 115 characters or less.


Videos are a great way to encourage visitor engagement, whether you’re posting on your blog, Facebook, or your website.  For ideas on how to integrate video into your social media accounts, why don’t you read a post I wrote earlier about optimizing and distributing videos?

Good luck!

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