Twitter Toy Review: Twitter Vision

Ok, so a warning to you: If you think Twitter is a waste of time, this twitter toy will prove it. If you are prone to Twitter dependency do not, under any circumstance go and look at Twittervision.

What is Twittervision?

Take a map, hook it up to the live feed of everything coming through Twitter. Show all the tweets on the map. In real-ish time. Don’t like a flat map? Use their 3D view which takes a globe and revolves it to the location of the tweeter.

Is there any business use for Twittervision?

The short answer is: Nope.

The long answer is:

  • Buzz monitoring.
  • Putting breaking “news” in geographical context.
  • Gaining inspiration from random sources.
  • Reading small chunks of foreign languages.

If you want to know more about business uses for Twitter (strong emphasis on real estate Twitter usage but there’s something there for everyone I think) go to the Twitter for Real Estate or Business page.

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