What Does Twitter’s New Redesign Mean for You?

Looks like Twitter is jumping on the photo-centric bandwagon. Earlier this month, Twitter presented a brand-new profile redesign that features a header photo, an overlapping profile photo, and a three-column layout. Sound familiar? You betcha. Twitter’s new redesign is remarkably similar to Google+ pages and Facebook’s timeline. The redesign is proof that images are quickly becoming the new vehicles of communication in the social media world.

Here’s Union Street Media’s new profile design:

Twitter's new redesign


Users can also pin their favorite tweets at the top of their page now. Many critics and publications speculate that this feature will allow businesses to better promote themselves through online branding. Better online branding will lead to a more extensive online presence for those businesses.

But what does this mean for the real estate industry? For one thing, it means that Facebook-savvy Realtors will probably have an easier time navigating the new Twitter setup. It also means that real estate agents will need to step up their game when it comes to visually marketing their business.

The steps are pretty simple:

1) Choose your profile picture. If the Twitter account belongs to a real estate office that houses more than one agent, choose a logo for your profile picture. If the Twitter account belongs to an individual agent, use a professional photo of the agent. Remember: this photo will be the first thing your followers will see on your page.

2) Choose a header photo. The header photo of your Twitter page should showcase your business’ individuality. Let your creativity flow! Pick a header photo that features an action taking place: an agent hosting an open house, new home buyers posing in front of a “sold” sign, or business meeting between two agents. Stay away from boring photos that don’t say anything about your business. Beware of generic stock photos!

3) Begin pinning your favorite tweets. Pinning a few tweets might not seem like a big deal, but this new feature has the ability to vastly round out your web presence. Pin tweets that showcase the principles of your company. Tweets about your mission statement, company milestones, and upcoming products are good choices for pins. Did someone write a glowing review about you in a recent tweet? Go ahead, and pin it!

Twitter is rolling out the new design over the next few weeks to existing accounts. New accounts will automatically receive the new layout. Let us know in the comments below how you plan to use Twitter’s new redesign to your advantage!