Measuring Twitter: Marketing, Conversations and Individuals

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This post is a part of the overall Twitter for Business series here at the Internet Marketing for Real Estate blog. Once you get into Twitter for awhile you (or our boss) will want to know what good it is doing. Here are some links to posts and articles about Twitter measurement tools and techniques.

Measuring advertising and marketing efforts that use Twitter as a distribution medium/source

Increasingly, we see that Twitter is being used to blast away with “Hey check out my latest post” and “use my great service” etc. Perhaps a bit obnoxious to the non-commercial user of Twitter. If your marketing strategy for Twitter does not involve annoying your followers into submission, perhaps you might consider measuring your activity and finding out which topics are most interesting to your followers. Here’s where you can really use social media to advantage. Check out these reviews on using Twitter in conjunction with your advertising and marketing efforts:

Measuring brands, topics and conversations on Twitter

Since Twitter is a quick, easy and in-the-moment communication medium, a lot of different things are discussed each minute. Perhaps you’re interested in buzz measurement or looking for some insight into what the Twittersphere currently finds interesting.

Measuring individual activity on Twitter

Perhaps you are interested in what someone’s Twitter usage is like. Maybe they are claiming to be a social media marketing whiz-bang genius and you want to check out their credentials. That sort of thing. Or maybe you’re just a stalker. There are a variety of tools available to measure people’s use of Twitter.

If I’ve missed something good please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section.

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