Track your search engine ranking improvement with a plugin for Firefox

Search engine optimization (SEO) is typically a pillar of any internet marketing strategy. Yesterday, I posted information about how you can save time assessing the effectiveness of your SEO efforts by using the Rank Checker for Firefox plugin. Another fan of Rank Checker decided it was time to make the search rank data a bit more visually appealing by creating a second plugin called Site Rank Reporter. It’s a handy way to visualize things, especially if you are charged with reporting to someone about the effectiveness of all your efforts to optimize your real estate web site.

The tool is quick to install, but comes with a few caveats.

  1. It’s only useful once you’ve collected multiple data sets. SeoBook suggests several days of data, but that would only be useful if you were tracking your work on a blog site that is indexed daily and therefore has a chance to improve daily. More realistic for a real estate web site would be monthly data. You can put Rank Checker on auto-pilot and then visit the data in a few months.
  2. Your .csv data files need to be named carefully, with only the date as the file name in one of these file name formats: MM-DD-YY, M-D-YY, MM-D-YY, or M-DD-YY.
  3. You can’t muck with the data that came from Rank Checker. Make a copy of the original file If you want to play with the data in Excel.
  4. The .html format of the data that you can save is nicely styled and saves you time from formatting the raw data in Excel.
  5. It’s not possible to save the graphed data unless you take a screen capture. And that graph is not labeled with the keyword — it’s displayed above in a list field. To make the visual representation more useful, I hope the developers will develop an output that is labeled and can be downloaded as a .gif file. That way, the file could be included quickly in a PowerPoint or other report to the folks who are footing the bill for all that search engine optimization!