8 Halloween Blog Post Ideas for Real Estate Bloggers

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Every now and them when I’m giving a real estate blog training to a client I’m asked how it’s possible to keep coming up with posts. I think we all face a certain amount of fatigue now and then. Luckily for real estate bloggers, local events are completely fair game and in the realm of usefulness.

So, in the spirit of my “why blog about the fourth of July” post… here are some realĀ  estate themed Halloween blog post ideas. Try one or two of them out before, during and after Halloween. Get your real estate bloggin’ ideas after the break.

  • Coolest decorated house in the neighborhood. Don’t forget photos.
  • Best street to get awesome candy. Don’t forget photos.
  • Where to park when you go to attend any Halloween events (like Halloween parades and so on).
  • Any actual haunted houses in your locality? Do an interview with someone about it. Maybe with video or audio.
  • Any fun Halloween craft events for kids in the neighborhood? Again, video and photos are awesome here.
  • Neighborhoods with the most police calls/vandalism on Halloween.
  • Neighborhoods with the least police calls/vandalism on Halloween.
  • Any local traditions around Halloween (Cabbage Night anyone?).

So there you go. Remember that the idea is that people will find these posts via search next year too. This is why having pictures or video is great. So if you’re writing about something that is going to happen, take pictures when you’re there and update your blog post after the event. So people searching next year can see what fun it is (or isn’t).

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