Fireworks results

Just a quick update to my post about why real estate bloggers might want to take on the 4th of July:

Fireworks analytics data for Real Estate
Real Estate Pros who blog about 4th of July could get traffic like this
More evidence of traffic related to independence day blogging
The fourth of July can continue to bring traffic from all over to your real estate blog
I make one post about why you should write about Fireworks if you're a realtor and this is what happens.

Fireworks draws visitors to your blog.
Even after the 4th of July they come to your site. Even from far away countries.

With Independence day just a few days away, people are looking for some information on the upcoming fourth of July fireworks in Burlington. They found my post. I bet they’ll find it next year too, and the year after and the year after… If someone has a link to their blog post about the fireworks in Burlington let me know so I can help these folks out.

Now remember, this whole “blog the cool local events” thing is definitely a tactic that fits squarely in a long-tail strategy so if you aren’t into that, then this won’t convince you to bring your camera to the show.

As a side note, notice how the searchers use semi-natural language in the search as well. Worth thinking about…