Geeky but important: domain frontrunning

With many realtors and real estate agents starting blogs, micro sites, secondary sites and so on, the issue of picking and registering a domain name is pretty important. Here’s some current news on an important aspect of domain name registration: who do you choose?

Process of elimination: Network Solutions

For awhile now, Network Solutions has been involved in a controversial practice referred to as domain frontrunning. When you look for a domain at Network Solutions by typing your idea into their search box, they automatically register the domain. If you want it then you buy it from them… for significantly more than you might pay elsewhere. They hold on to the domain for a few days.

But even if you wait for a few days for Network Solutions’ lock to expire you may run into trouble. Many domain-name campers have the ability to monitor domain registrations and since interest is being expressed in your domain idea (Network Solutions tips off the campers when it “pre-registers” or engages in domain frontrunning with your URL idea). You will be competing against automated domain-name campers if you choose to wait out Network Solutions.

The obvious solution to the issue is to not use Network Solutions for your domains.

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