Compass: A New Listing Exploration Tool For Real Estate Websites

Turning a website visitor into an enthusiastic, dedicated client is the ultimate goal of every piece of a real estate website, and at Union Street Media, we’re continually searching for new ways to make that happen. Any real estate website can take a visitor’s search criteria and present them with a list of matching properties; the real question is “what do I do now?”

This is a crucial point in the real estate search process. A potential buyer needs to have the best tools available to find their dream home without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. They need to feel like they have the means to explore the vast landscape of listings and find their destination. Compass, our new listing exploration tool, turns this landscape from treacherous terrain into a wide-open vista, teeming with possibility.

New Compass List View

More Paths to Explore

A buyer may prefer to read through details and meticulously select the listings that sound most desirable, or they may prefer to skim through a bunch of property photos and look closer at the ones that leap out at them. Still others may take the old “location, location, location” adage to heart and prefer to know where each property is before clicking on it. Compass’s search result navigator provides intuitive browsing interfaces for all these preferences, and makes it simple and lightning-fast to switch between them. At all times, buyers have the tools at their fingertips to inquire about interesting properties, and navigating deeper into their results is snappy and straightforward.

More Destinations to Discover

Once they’ve found a property they like, the customizable property detail page can help highlight the listing information most relevant to a buyer’s interests. The interactive page elements make it simple to browse through listing photos, explore the surrounding geographical area, learn the nitty-gritty details about the property, and, importantly, form a relationship with an agent.

If you choose our custom package, Compass allows unique property detail page configurations and designs on a per-property-type basis, which lets you apply your specific knowledge of your market to ensure that buyers are seeing the right details in the right places, no matter whether they’re looking for a new home, a place to start a business, or the perfect piece of land.

New Compass Detail View

Encouraging Serendipity

When searching for properties, there’s nothing better than stumbling across something that looks perfect. With Compass, this is more likely than ever. Providing a myriad of tools both to allow buyers to find their way through listings and for you to apply your insight and understanding to tailor that process to your clients’ needs turns the real estate search process from a necessary chore into an enjoyable journey, with unexpected discoveries at every turn.

Buyers won’t just discover their ideal properties using Compass. They’ll also discover the multitude of browsing tools available to them, and use those tools to fine-tune their personal listing exploration process. By offering different paths to seek out the perfect listings, buyers will feel more engaged and more catered-to, helping turn them from casual site visitors into dedicated clients.

A Tall Ship and a Star to Steer Her By

With Compass, Union Street Media has created a stable, fast, powerful platform that allows rapid configuration changes and design iteration in order to optimize your website’s performance. From a technology standpoint, we’ve built Compass to be extensible, allowing us to rapidly add new features, testable, meaning we can make changes to it far more easily, and efficient, allowing buyers to explore to their hearts’ content without frustration or impatience. It has minimal memory and processing overhead, so it’s as fast as it can be within our real estate software framework, and will only get faster as we make further improvements to the platform as a whole.

Despite the sheer amount of power, performance, and configurability already built-in, this is only the beginning of Compass’ journey. We’ve already planned the next leg of its trip, which will include improvements to its current capabilities, brand-new innovative features, and even more ways to customize it that will make it far and away the most useful and powerful part of your online real estate lead generation strategy.