Real Estate Internet Marketing “Map”

During one of the final panels at Real Estate Connect in NYC I was sketching in my notebook the process of how users get to websites, and what we ultimately want them to do when they get there.

I took a few minutes to draw it up when I got home, and this is what I came up with. It’s far from complete, but seems useful in explaining how firms like ours use “web 2.0” technologies to get traffic to our client’s sites. I thought it might be useful in providing a visual framework to illustrate the process. Personally, I needed something to organize the constant flow of information, ideas, sites, tools, etc., that constantly cross my desk/inbox/RSS feed.

Do you think this is a useful and/or accurate way to represent this?


6 thoughts on “Real Estate Internet Marketing “Map”

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  2. Even though this was written on 08′, the same strategies apply. I think people end up putting too much focus on one thing, rather than diversifying it… ex. too much facebook and not enough blogging.

  3. Absolutely. This is even more relevant now, where a website for some industries supports their other marketing efforts as opposed to the be all and end all.

    A mind map like this, also just helps visualize what’s going on in all the noise.

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