The State of Real Estate on the Web

In between reading exciting espionage thrillers and inspirational sporting biographies, I like to keep myself honest with a little online real estate statistics.

This month I delved into the National Association of REALTORS‘s Center for REALTOR Technology. To save you some time, I cherry picked what I believe to be the most interesting data and what it means for real estate professionals. (Skip to the bottom to get the data, but only if you leave a comment!) You can also view the full report here

What Are Some of The Key Take Aways?

People and Community Matters:

Referrals or word of mouth, are still by far and away the biggest source of business.   Coupled with a high participation in Facebook (78%), it’s just as important to manage your connections and your reputation online as offline. Participating with your network on social media sites and, to a lesser extent, blogs, will keep you in the conversations happening online that then move offline. Although the ROI on social media and blogs sampled as ‘fair‘, think of these channels as more for nurturing leads to a point of sale.

Mobile Matters:

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It’s no secret of course: Mobile is here. People are buying up devices in droves.  And real estate is such a ‘mobile’ industry.  REALTORS are increasingly focused on making sure their website is ready, not only to display correctly on a mobile device, but also to offer mobile-friendly tools.  The main needs of real estate buyers are to be able to search for properties, share properties, contact someone about them, and access mapping tools. It’s up to technology companies to be able to provide such tools and for REALTORS to be ahead of the curve in making them accessible to buyers as a lot of fast traffic comes around the bend.

Data Analysis Matters:

It seems that REALTORS are still unsure of some online efforts such as pay-per-click advertising, blogs and social media. This is understandable, since these are still media that require building skills to use them effectively. However, I think part of the problem is that many people do not know how to measure them successfully and don’t understand the metrics that are important. An Analytics package is the bed rock to tying all this together, which allows you to see which sources of traffic are working, what to tune or change and how much energy and effort to put in. Customers won’t necessarily tell you what caused them to choose you, even if they can remember.

A Survey of Realtors were asked:

Where do you learn about new technology for real estate?

RE news sites 64%
NAR 60%
Colleagues 59%
Email 43%
Friends 42%
Broker 40%
Magazines 36%
RE conferences 35%
RE blogs 33%
Trade shows 26%
Direct mail 13%
Other 11% (meetings, web searches, training classes)

Using your mobile device, what resources would you like to access?

RE productivity and enhancement tools for mobile 68%
RE news from REALTOR Magazine 33%
NAR e-newsletter 26%
NAR press releases 21%
NAR Calls to Action 20%


For Real Estate, do you participate in any of the following?

Facebook 78%
LinkedIn 58%
RE blogs in general 55%
Twitter 39%
Active Rain 35%
My own blog 27 blog 7%


What Return On Investment (ROI) do you receive form efforts in the following?

Social Media:

Excellent 7%
Good 20%
Fair 31%
Poor 20%
Not sure 22%


Excellent 3%
Good 11%
Fair 29%
Poor 25%
Not sure 32%


Which are most important in generating leads?

Referrals 88%
Repeat business 86%
Internet 54%
Community 29%
Social networking 24%
Personal ads 21%
Open houses 17%
Floor time 14%
Direct mail 10%
Blogs 8%
Telemarketing 5%


What ROI do you receive from Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Excellent 8%
Good 17%
Fair 24%
Poor 24%
Not sure 27%
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3 thoughts on “The State of Real Estate on the Web

  1. Often the media platform signed up for but not exercised, daily contributed to will give poor or no results. Video with real full motion, natural audio transports the real estate buyer and is one heck of a way to engage, connect with the audience.

  2. Thanks for your comments Andrew and Lisa,

    Good points and simply making something fun to use is important.

    Video of course is very important for real estate for a buyer who wants to take the next step to learn about a property.


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