Week in Review: August 8

Welcome to the Takeaway edition of Week in Review.

Social network use and age

A hat tip to Nick Bostic who highlights the results of a recent AARP study on social network use among older Americans.


Just because your newest hire is fresh out of college doesn’t mean they should run your social media strategy.

Walking the hyperlocal talk

Ben Boero gets down to the nitty gritty on what “hyperlocal” is really about. As an added bonus, be sure to read his last paragraph which gives you some tangible action ideas.


If you really do know the neighborhoods you serve, you can probably do much much better than just recycling that stale Schools data on your site.

Heard about “duplicate content?”

We can never state enough how important it is to make original, useful content. Rich Jacobson, the Active Rain Community Builder lays it all out in black and white about what is plagiarism and what is attribution.


Use snippets and link. It makes you look smart. Plagiarism doesn’t look smart.

The full service real estate firm

As part of his ongoing series on re-envisioning the real estate business Notorious R.O.B. gets very in depth about what service should really mean.


Data is great, but will anyone ever enter it so we can get a 360 view?

Social media participation

Something appears to be wrong with Bad MLS photo of the day so here’s a great piece from the Onion. If you don’t like the Onion then best to skip this over. If you do like the Onion, don’t let their scathing irony and satire prevent you from participating in social media. Local idiot to leave a comment on the internet.


It’s Friday.