Week In Review

A whirlwind week, lots to read if it’s rainy this weekend.


Pat Kitano starts with Om Malik for inspiration and gives some sound advice on positioning your blog as a wisdom resource. That’s what I try to do here so feel free to let me know how to do better.

Leverage the size of your office to make a focused blog that doesn’t overwhelm your staff. Benn Rosales gives you the game plan.

I’ve added Chris Brogan to my feed reader after Daniel Rothamel suggested him to me. Here’s some great tips on promoting your blog

Using traditional media to market your real estate business

A television/web cross-media marketing opportunity is opening in Chicago. Tipped off by the Real Estate Bloggers.

The Real Estate Tomato writes about receiving a print promotion with an offer as a way to promote a blog.

Managing your social media

Jott is one of those technologies that I love: You make a phone call, they transcribe it and email it. Perfect for when you aren’t near a computer but “need” to send an email (or post on your blog or send out a Tweet or…). MyTechOpinion gets you set up on your blackberry.

Lani Anglin-Rosales gives advice on how to manage online “friending.” Perfect for those of you who may be experiencing social media burnout.

For those trying to manage the constant chatter from their Twitter/FriendFeed/FeedReader, TransparentRE tips us off to an article about why noise is good for you.

Maybe you can manage your social media efforts by making use of one of the services in this laundry list of social media aggregation sites posted at Sellsius.

News around the RE webosphere

Realtor.com gets into “zestimates” (check comment threads as well on this one).

Matt Carter picks up on Craigslist’s HTML limitations over at Inman News. (See also my post with excerpts from the Craigslist community forum about the HTML changes).

It is now the weekend

Creepy mansion sales are down.

In the “funny writing about something that isn’t so funny” category: San Diego has a new MLS system.

Bad MLS Photo of the day, my pick.

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