The Goal of your Website – How to Measure Success?

Since it’s World Cup fever for the next few weeks, I thought it might be appropriate to talk about Goals. In sports goals are how we measure success, websites are no different. Earlier in the month we talked about Measuring Social Media’s Success, in that post we began to explore how to measure the quality of visitors from social media sites through engagement statistics. What we did not talk about is the punch line of engagement statistics, mainly goals. What can be murky is deciding what goals are, defining them and tracking them.

How does a site visitor complete a goal? Ideally, you want to direct visitors through the most important areas of your site to a desired outcome, which can be anything from reading a particular piece of information, calling you or filling out a contact form. The easiest way to measure a positive interaction with your website,  is by creating a goal, which can then be tracked through Google Analytics.

How do I track a Goal in Google Analytics?

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