Charles Cherney

As a top broker in a top office in the Boston area, I have been seriously committed to my real estate websites and online presence since 1999. Recently, I decided it was time to up my game, in terms of design, delivery and SEO. I vetted all the top players in New England and ultimately decided on Union Street Media.

I am happy to report that Union Street Media has exceeded my very high expectations. Every member of the team I have connected with is smart and dedicated and follows through. My websites have never looked better – or performed so well.  Union Street Media is clearly committed to excellence. I have the utmost confidence that mine will be a long-term relationship with Union Street Media, given their commitment to mobile-friendly websites, understanding and knowledge of search engine optimization, and all-around dedication to not simply getting the job done but getting it done well and done right. It is an honor and a privilege to be a Union Street Media client – they make me shine and succeed – and show to best advantage online. Thanks to Union Street Media, I am being found and finding more and more success in my real estate business.