A new look for UnionStreetMedia.com

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed the change already.  Things have been spruced up around here.  We have taken our own advice and you are now looking at a revamped and redesigned Union Street Media website.  Why?  As we advise all of our clients to do, we took a good hard look at our business goals and used that as a starting point to make sure that our website conveyed the overall strategy behind what we do for our clients’ websites – generate traffic, engage site visitors and convert visitors into customers – through fresh, engaging content, navigation and visual aids.

Some of the main changes you will notice include:

  • A homepage for our Real Estate web design process and a homepage for our “Interactive,” or business, nonprofit and education web design process (so you can quickly find what you are looking for based on your industry)
  • Graphics and descriptions of our newest Real Estate web design packages depending on budget and features (to make it easy to find the best package for your office)
  • Clearly laid out reasons to work with USM (if our nice new site wasn’t enough – we have case studies and portfolio sites galore)
  • A portfolio by industry and website package type (to give you an idea of similar sites we have developed)
  • A compelling outline of how we can build your online business through Internet Marketing and SEO (since, as we always say, if you just build it, they won’t come)
  • Descriptions of our Real Estate web tools that will keep you ahead of the curve
  • An emphasis on video testimonials (that let our clients tell you why you should work with us)
  • Access to our active social networking accounts (so you can “like” or RT the new site)
  • A cleaned up blog to provide advice, market analysis and USM updates (but you know that already)

In all, we knew we needed to provide our clients and potential clients with a more easily navigable site that highlighted our specific areas of web development expertise, our proven process, and outlined clear paths of action.  We hope you find the new site to fulfill those goals and more.  We would love to hear what you think.  Is it easy to use?  Can you find what you are looking for?  Does it clarify our web design process?  If you are a client, does it shine the right light on your site? Most importantly, does it make you want to learn more?  Tell us today!