Save The Date! Real Estate Bar Camp NH is October 20, 2010

What are you doing on Wednesday October 20, 2010?

We highly recommend you come to Real Estate Bar Camp New Hampshire at the Mount Washington Hotel.  As with the dozens of Real Estate Bar Camps that have been organized by real estate and technology industry leaders across the country over the past three years, it’s FREE to attend!  The event is conveniently held the day after the New Hampshire Association of REALTORS fall convention.

What is REBarCamp?

REBarCamp is a nation wide network of mini-conferences that find their strength from participants expertize.  Anyone can present at this “unconference” which creates an awesome atmosphere of crowd-sourced mind-sharing amongst all participants.  When you arrive at BarCamp, you’ll see a giant white board, with rooms across the top and times down the side.  If you want to talk about something or want to see if anyone else knows about something you are interested in, you write it on the board and start the conversation.

You can learn more about what the REBarCamp New Hampshire experience will be like here.

Why should you attend?

The structure of REBarCamp makes it a venue that fosters an open exchange of ideas and that encourages questions, discussion and innovation. Half a dozen members of the Union Street Media staff will be attending and we will present on Search Engine Optimization, Video for Real Estate, Social Media for Real Estate, just to name a few.  If you want us to talk about a specific topic, please submit your suggestions below as a comment on this post.  There will be dozens of other real estate and technology leaders presenting on great topics too.  It’s an awesome way to learn ideas that can improve your business, network with other members of your industry and have a great time.  Seriously.  BarCamp is a lot of fun!

If you’re interested to see what BarCamp is like, check out the photos of the Real Estate Bar Camp in Nashville and the Real Estate Bar Camp in Portland, Oregon earlier this year.

Where can you get more information and register?

If you would like to attend please visit the REBCNH website or Facebook Page and follow the conference on Twitter. We strongly recommend that you register for this FREE event here.  Look forward to seeing you on October 20th!

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