Feature Friday: New Real Estate System Updates!

We know how important it is that your real estate website represents you professionally, so this week, we’re happy to announce updates to several features.

Non-MLS Listing Updates:

  • Photo Uploading just got easier. You will now be able to upload multiple image files at once, change their sort order by clicking and dragging thumbnails and also delete any photos you don’t need or want any longer. These changes will now happen automatically, instead of having to wait for the server to update, and in addition, you can now delete Non-MLS listings.
  • Google Mapping can sometimes be a challenge, so now, when you enter a property address, it will auto locate the listing and display a Google map. If for any reason the location is not correct, you can now drag and drop the location marker to correct it.
  • When managing a lot of Non-MLS listings at once, quickly identifying them can be a challenge. We’ve created a Listing ID field that will allow you to create your own Listing IDs. This new Listing ID will override the X123456 numbering system that generates automatically and will display on your website so when customers call up, you’ll know exactly which property they are interested in.
  • We’ve also updated the Craigslist template to note a listing’s availability dates and if pets are allowed.
  • Banners will now display when listings are pending or a price change has occurred, letting site visitors know the listing has been updated.

New Photo Gallery

New Banners

For those of you who regularly use our Non-MLS functionality, we hope these updates will simplify entering and editing listings! If you have any questions, please call or email your Account Manager.

New Listing Print Templates:

Site visitors will now have a clean and professional print out of listings from your website. The new template is more organized, showcasing important MLS and Office information. To make sure your clients can find each listing with ease, we’ve added a QR code on every listing print template. A QR code will make it easier for home buyers to access additional information on your website without having to type out your URL or search for the property from your homepage. Keeping the template uncluttered and organized lets site visitors save ink by having to print fewer pages, and being able to opt out of printing additional photos if they choose.


Signs of Things to Come

Both the update to our print templates and additions to our Non-MLS system are signs of things to come from Union Street Media – in 2012, our priorities are to make sure that your users can find you easily (regardless of how they search), that they are immediately engaged with your site, and that it’s simple and compelling for them to convert into leads.  Additions to your listing tools are just the tip of the iceberg – look forward to more updates throughout the summer!