Moose on the Loose, Part 2

Just in case anyone missed out on our moose escapades from yesterday, Burlington entertained a certain antlered friend for a few hours on a Tuesday morning this week. Tweeters tweeted, users flooded Facebook with moose posts, and we made some pretty corny jokes about “If You Give a Moose a Muffin.”

Francis Gravel, one of our Application Developers, was a first responder to the scene of the moose. He gave an exclusive interview about his experience:

“I have a nice view of Union Street, the lake and all that in my office, so of course in the morning I have my window open and I look out. And a Burlington policeman pulls up, lights flashing – no car in front of him, no one around. So I’m kind of curious and poke behind the monitor. We have group chat and I thought, well, I will send it out. But the moose was moving, so I better let everyone know really quick. So I did just kind of yell ‘MOOSE!’ And everybody went for the windows,” Gravel said.

Ah, such is the Union Street Media life.