This month’s Real Estate website launches

Over the last month, Union Street Media has had the opportunity to launch new and redesigned websites for several clients.  We are happy to include them in our expanding portfolio.  In the following snapshots, we discuss the different ways in which we have either given an older site a refreshed look, or have used our Premium platform to build affordable, innovative real estate websites.

Attaca Realty

Taking advantage of all of our newest real estate web tools, local Burlington office, Attaca Realty, worked with USM to focus specifically on their marketing of recreational properties with Cabela’s as well as their Residential, Relocation and Rental services.  Whereas Union Street Media focuses on the 3 R’s of Report, Recommend, Revise, Attaca has a 4 R focus, and we drew those elements out with custom homepage images including Attaca’s signature door to bring clients in to specific parts of their website.  Post-launch, Attaca is working with USM in monthly RRR to continue tuning up the site’s reach.

Ellen Zdyb

At one of Vermont’s leading real estate firms, Ellen Zdyb is also a leading agent.  Her high standards and eye for detail brought her back to Union Street to redesign her site.  While widening the site and giving Ellen access to our newest property search tools, we also gave it a design facelift.  We are happy to present Ellen with a site that is fresh and functional for 2010!

Hearthside Realty

A four-person office in Southern New Hampshire, Hearthside Realty worked with Union Street to develop an Enhanced site with extra design time to be in their control at a lower price point while presenting the warmth of their customer service.  The Hearthside team now has all of the tools they need to keep their site updated, and they have done a great job organizing their navigation and content.  For self-starters with some overall web know-how, Hearthside is a great example of how well an Enhanced site can work.

Mountain Associates Realtors

As a longtime USM client, Mountain Associates Realtors appreciated the sophisticated real estate tools that were a part of their site.  But, after several years, their design needed an update and they also wanted to capture more leads.  By widening their site, updating their design with a more sophisticated, upscale look, Normandie gave the luxury specialists in Stowe a great starting point for their clients’ home search.  While revamping the look, USM also added our newest property detail view page to encourage conversions.

Peggy Smith

After redesigning her office (Coldwell Banker Carlson) website, owner Peggy Smith decided that her personal USM website needed to be updated as well.  Choosing an Enhanced site as the next step, Peggy worked to innovate within the platform, while also expanding her engagement with social media through her blog, facebook and twitter accounts.  The clean design and well-organized content are easily accessible and are strengthened by all of the new tools that her clients now have access to.