A Fall Real Estate Website Refresh

Ingrid Punderson Jackson, owner of IPJ Real Estate in Middlebury, Vermont, has been a loyal Union Street Media client since we launched her original site in 2007.  Ingrid’s original site featured the paintings of her husband, Woody Jackson, prominently on the homepage and through out the interior pages of the site. The site offered her clients a sophisticated but easy-to-use tool for property searches and showcased her knowledge about the Middlebury area.

Like everything, real estate websites have a life cycle.  Five years post-launch, Ingrid’s site was still providing her with a professional web presence, but the design had become a bit dated.  Calls to action needed to be more prominent and new features, not previously available, were missing from middvermontrealestate.com. Recognizing the value of the site as a lead generator for her and the three agents in her office, Ingrid decided to ‘refresh’ her real estate website design.

Through our real estate website design refresh process, we were able to upgrade the site’s conversion and search tools, property detail views, and overall functionality. Our Design Team made sure to incorporate  the imagery and essence of Woody’s art from the old site into the new one to maintain IPJ Real Estate’s identity. Along with a refresh, Ingrid decided integrate our mobile platform on the website enabling her clients, many of whom are out-of-state alumni of Middlebury College, to easily find homes for sale on their phones.

IPJ Real Estate (version 2.0) is a great example of a site that has been updated to reflect changes in technology and design without losing sight of the company’s overall goals and personality.  Check out the before & after below!

Previous Website

New Website