Adopting video at the right time

technology adoption lifecycle

Getting into the ‘early majority’ phase

In 1957 at Iowa State College Joe M. Bohlen and George M. Beal developed a simple analogy called the technology adoption lifecycle, which examined a way to look at when people adopt a new technology.

A more in depth explanation of this curve can be found here, but this is basically how it breaks down:


Those that adopt long before most people are aware of the technology

Early Adopters:

Those that see the value in testing new technologies before taking them up

Early Majority:

Those who can get a competitive advantage over the next 2 categories by learning how to utilize the technology before the competition. this is the most important category to be in.

Late Majority:

Those that are late to the party and need to adopt to stay in the game but will find it difficult to gain an advantage over people that have been utilizing it earlier.


Those that risk falling way behind and even going out of business in some cases.

Real Estate Video

We won’t beat you over the head about using video as a marketing tool in order to showcase your listings and personality, but take note. Soon many more Realtors will jump on board and it will become the new normal. Now is a great time to get involved. Decide what your objectives are and the route you want to take either with a good local videographer or by yourself. It is not meant to distract from the efforts of lead generationbut could be yield good return on that time investment.