The Future of Online Marketing Has Already Begun

The Future of The Internet, is a very grand title, the new report from Pew Internet and American Life Project  doesn’t stop there however. This latest of three installments by The Pew Project focuses on how the integration of technology and communication systems will eliminate the concept of being “at work” or “at home.” To quote

“few lines divide professional time from personal time,” and those professionals are happy with the way work and play are “seamlessly integrated in most of these workers’ lives.” (Pew Report).

Regardless of your stance on that issue the future of wireless technology and the growing breadth of web applications has come a very long in not much time. This is especially true considering I had my first email account in seventh grade (I know I am dating my self there), which was a scant 14 years ago. When you think of how technology continues to develop at an ever increasing rate it is hard to imagine where we will be in 2020, which is the point which the study hypothesizes about. The iphone still looks like something out of Star Trek as far as I can tell. I am sure Steve Jobs already has one that has the ability to scan humans for sickness.

All this aside the report raises some interesting questions particularly for the online real estate market. To use my self as an example; as I told you before, I got my first email account in seventh grade and I just bought my first house, which I found … you guessed it … online. The generation of E-mail and blogging are buying houses and if you are not ready for them then you will be left by the wayside. Online applications are getting more and more important and the best sales tool that will be at your disposal in 2020 is only a glimmer in some programmer’s eye. Read up and stay ahead of the curve.

Here is a link to the full article – The Pew Report

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  1. I have read this article and this review sums it up very nicely, while adding some real value to the strategic thinking on on line marketing. Thank you so much.

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