Real Estate Website Spring Cleaning

Art Urie, owner of Lake Farm Realty in Concord, New Hampshire, has been a loyal Union Street Media client since we launched his original site in July 2005. When it launched, the Lake Farm site gave Art a great platform for showcasing his listings and offered his clients a sophisticated but easy-to-use tool for property searches.  Union Street Media’s content management system also offered Art an easy, efficient way to maintain contact with potential clients throughout their property searches and home buying experiences.

Six years post-launch, Art’s site was still providing him with a professional web presence, but was becoming outdated in a landscape of ever-evolving web trends. Additionally, Art recognized the need for his site to serve not only as a customer service tool but also as a lead generator.

Through a Design Refresh, we were able to upgrade the sites conversion and search tools, property detail views, and overall functionality. Our Design Team made sure to incorporate some of the imagery and essence of Art’s old site into the new one to maintain Lake Farm Realty’s consistent vision and identity.

By choosing to combine his Refresh with a Dedicated Internet Marketing package post-launch, Art will see data driven, ongoing optimization to maximize the impact of the new design. Our Internet Marketing team will be focusing on expanding the reach of the site to pull in new visitors who can take advantage of the improved forms, tools, and ultimately the professional, personal service Lake Farm Realty offers.

Lake Farm Realty (version 2.0) is a great example of a site that’s been updated to reflect changes in technology and design without losing sight of the company’s overall goals and personality.

Original Website

New Website