Building A Real Estate Website That Works

The Client: Shanahan Real Estate Group

With twenty successful years in the real estate industry behind her, Nan Shanahan founded Shanahan Real Estate Group in 2007. Her vision was for an office based on personal relationships and superior customer service. Despite a challenging market, the Shanahan Real Estate Group has been successful thanks to its team of professionals who know the local area and have high standards and practices. The agency has also bolstered its strong ties to the local community by getting involved with various Winchester, MA, organizations and events. With so much emphasis on their customer service and local community, they needed a way to effectively showcase it online.

The Challenge: Increasing Search Engine Performance

When the group was founded in 2007, they knew the Internet was going to be an integral part of their business. They built a website, and over the course of three years saw it perform below expectations. The lack of results can be attributed largely to the framed-in IDX, which meant that while MLS listings were displayed, they were not fully integrated into the website. Because Shanahan Real Estate couldn’t take full advantage of their MLS listings, they had low visitor engagement and lead conversion rates. Potential customers simply were not finding the website easy to use, and the lack of original content made it hard for Shanahan Real Estate to showcase their knowledge of the market area.

Shanahan learned that there could be more to a real estate website after viewing a presentation by Union Street Media for the local Realty Guild. They needed a website that would be an active part of their marketing efforts, not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. They needed a website that focused on both customer service and perform in search engine performance.

The Results: Time On Site Increased by 153%, Search Engine Referrals Increased by 413%

To help the Shanahan Real Estate Group enhance their online customer service, Union Street Media designed a website that not only utilizes an integrated IDX, but also allows them to add and update content. With the Union Street Media’s tools, they can enhance their listings with additional photos, descriptions and open house information. Shanahan’s new website is easy to use and allows customers to sign up for Listing Notifications on their favorite properties or searches. These changes have helped to increase the time customers spend on their website by 153%, keeping visitors engaged, informed and happy.

When it came to their search engine placement, Union Street Media’s content management system allowed Shanahan Real Estate to create a website that is a dynamic hub of information for their market area. They are able to access the MLS information and build dynamic property pages targeting the local keywords they wanted to rank for. We engaged our trademark SEO strategy: choosing the most searched and most achievable keywords in the market area. Creating these highly targeted recommended searches increased their search engine traffic in Google by 71% in the first six months. Shanahan Real Estate’s website increased search engine referrals by 413% from non-branded keywords, which has helped their website traffic exponentially.

Since launching with Union Street Media, the analytics have shown an undeniable leap forward from their previous website.

  • Visits to the site increased 28%
  • Page Views increased 203%
  • Avg. time on site increased 153%
  • Bounce rate improved by 23%