Developing An Internet Strategy To Target Out Of State Buyers

The Client: Geri Reilly Real Estate

Since 1983, without fail, Geri Reilly has been a top producer among Vermont Real Estate agents.  In 2010 she opened her own office. Geri and her team provide the same personalized, professional service to homebuyers and sellers throughout Vermont that large corporate offices do. As a dedicated professional, selling over 150 homes a year, Geri specializes in listing homes, buyer brokering, and consulting throughout Chittenden County, Vermont. She is well known for her personalized service and attention to detail. It is her consistent, professional service that allows Geri to be one of the few in Vermont who is able to make the statement, “Thousands of Vermont Homes Sold”.

The Challenge: Developing a winning Internet marketing strategy

While Geri’s reputation garnered her new clients locally, her new company didn’t have brand recognition for out-of-town buyers relocating to Vermont. Breaking away from a nationally recognized brand to form her own company, Geri knew that the web site had to have special focus on out-of-town buyers to establish her credibility. Geri came to Union Street Media initially because she knew that we had the real estate search tools all set, so she could focus on sharing her knowledge on the site. She was looking for a company that had a strong and reliable Internet Marketing program to attract out of town buyers via strong search engine placement.

Union Street Media and Geri Reilly Real Estate worked together to prominently feature an online relocation package that specifically catered to out-of-town buyers. Through ongoing Internet marketing, we collaborated on content development to improve placement for terms out-of-town buyers were typing in. We defined the exact keywords that would be with the most searched and most achievable. We helped attract links from other real estate specific websites, local associations and directories to help build credibility for her site.  Because Geri was backed by a good reputation and the site was backed up by such strong content, the effort to gain incoming links was effective. For example, Geri developed a “Tips Page” that is keyword heavy and industry specific. The Tips Page prompts other websites to link to the page making it both optimized and well networked. To gain more attention with out of state buyers, the website also focuses on rankings related to more general terms like “Vermont Real Estate” rather than strictly local and more focused terms.

The Results: Website Traffic Increased 47%

Since work began on implementing the Internet Marketing Strategy, there has been a significant increase in search engine performance for top keywords. The increase is a result of properly executed keyword research, planning and implementation over time. Since launching with Union Street Media, the analytics have shown an undeniable leap forward from their previous website traffic.

  • Visits to the website increased 26%
  • Page Views increased 5%
  • Avg. time on site increased 12%
  • Bounce rate improved by 15%
  • New Visitors to site increased by 18%