How The Maine Real Estate Network Tripled Their Leads with Showcase

The Maine Real Estate Network is an expansive team of over 450 real estate agents across 18 statewide offices. As Maine’s largest independent real estate agency, The Maine Real Estate Network was built on a foundation of uncompromised knowledge and customer service. The company constantly grows year over year and actively seeks more agents to join its team. Realtor Loni Graiver – featured in Realtor Mag’s 30 under 30 list – is the company’s owner and designated broker.

This year, they are on Showcase – a comprehensive collaboration of our Digital Marketing, Design, and Account Management teams.

The Objective

The Maine Real Estate Network sought to promote their brand of customer-centric service, advance their ranking in major search engine results, and boost their web authority within the real estate world. Additionally, The Maine Real Estate Network wanted to build their online presence to attract real estate agents seeking employment.

The Strategy

Because we believe that the cornerstone of every success is intensive planning, we immediately began ongoing keyword research and a Google Analytics campaign to track our progress. Our team of professional digital marketers developed an aggressive SEO campaign and optimize the company’s website with detailed pages, advanced search tools, and an on-domain blog.

Client Success

With extensive research and a strategic digital marketing plan, The Main Real Estate Network saw visible returns in only a few months. The results are incredible: they saw three times the leads in only three months.

case study a track visual

What could you do with three times the amount of leads currently directed to your website? Union Street Media clients are already ahead of the curve when it comes to SEO, but nationwide, many Realtors ignore the true power of SEO. All of our optimization packages generate an impressive ROI, but nothing matches the lead volume of Showcase. Contact Union Street Media today to learn more.

Your leads are out there. Let’s go get them.

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