RealEstateWebsiteListingsUntil visitors to your site contact you, they aren’t leads. What makes our sites convert so many visitors into leads?

  • Encouraged and Forced Registration: after a buyer looks at a certain number of listings on your site, you can encourage or require them to become a member of your website to continue searching.
  1. Ask A Question: In multiple tests we performed, the “ask a question” form has generated more than double the yield of lead conversions compared to contact us. Why? “Ask a Question” means something like “does this place have a finished basement?” while “Contact us” means “oh no a salesperson is going to call me!”
  2. Save to Favorites: Buyers create an account so that the website remember their favorite listings. They can also save searches to receive daily automatic emails of listings that match their search. You are notified of new accounts and track their favorites and listings notifications in the lead management tool in our admin system.
  3. Social Media Sharing: buyers share listings at the click of a button by emailing them to friends and posting the listings to Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and other social media.
  4. Schedule Showings: Some Buyers prefer to schedule a viewing of a property that fits with their schedule before they would choose to contact an agent. 

Once new leads have been generated, we help you manage them with ouronline lead management tools or Contact Us.