Customer Relationship Management

Generate, distribute, and nurture qualified leads

Gain insight, provide better service, and sell more homes with Union Street Media’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Lead Intelligence

Know more about your leads than you ever have before based on how they search. 

For each lead, see every page visited, every listing viewed or “favorited”, every search performed or saved, and every notification sent

Property Match

Recommend listings to leads based on their online search behavior.

  • Match buyers to listings: Recommend specific listings to each buyer based on “favorited” listings and saved search criteria. The CRM automatically finds listings, and in a few clicks you can send a lead a branded email with matches.
  • Match listings to buyers: Generate a report of potential buyers for any listings based on your leads' search patterns.

Listing Reports

Impress sellers with performance reports on their properties.

Showcase the value of your website with real-time performance reports on each of your listings, including the number of views, inquiries, showings, and “shares” to friends and social media.

Start closing more deals with an all-in-one website and CRM today!

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Performance Dashboard

Know exactly how your site is performing for you. 

Our new reporting shows site performance metrics that even Google Analytics can't provide:

  • See how many searches are performed and saved, how many leads your site converts, and how many listings have been viewed or “favorited.”
  • Monitor your personal performance (and that of your agents) with reports on how many tasks have been created and completed.

Task Manager

Stay organized and focus on the leads that matter most.

  • Create tasks for each lead or listing to remind yourself of next steps.
  • Create a series of reminders when a milestone in the buying or selling process is reached. For example, if a new lead registers, automatically create several tasks: “reach out to lead”, “send a property match email”, and “conduct buyer's interview”.

Advanced Lead Routing

Quickly and efficiently assign leads to agents. 

Take the manual work and human error out of assigning leads to your agents. Setup lead assignment rules based on any number of criteria:

  • Property Type
  • Listing criteria such as location, price, or listing agent
  • On-call agent schedules
  • “Round Robin” distribution

Or, drop leads into an “up for grabs” bucket that any agent in the office can pick up on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a great way to encourage agents to use the CRM!

Mobile Manager

Instantly access it all from your smartphone

We understand that being a Realtor means you're never in one place for too long. The new CRM works seamlessly between your desktop and mobile devices.