Initial Client Survey

Thank you for the opportunity to give your site a new look using our latest technology! This survey will help us gather necessary logistical information as well as deeper insight into needs and goals for your new website. Please be sure to answer the questions below in as much detail as possible.

We ask that you complete this in the next two business days so that we can get the project underway as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your Project Coordinator: Ariana Wammer at (802) 865-3332 x117, or Lauren Sickler at (802)-865-3332 x127

*Please note* The survey does not save information as you go, please complete and submit it all in one sitting. Thank you!

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Business Information

1. What is your service area? Please list specific towns or cities that you target primarily. If there are descriptive titles for the region you serve, especially ones that customers would likely include in a search engine query, (e.g., "Metrowest Boston," "Cape Cod") please list those in addition to the specific cities.

2. What do you perceive to be your key business differentiators?

3. What fundamental business problems/issues/challenges do you want to address with this website update?

4. What is your broker code (ID)? (Please list all codes if you have more than one office)

Google Analytics / Adwords

Important Note: We set up all of our websites with a Google Analytics account, if you have an internet marketing package your internet marketer will work with you in the future to interpret those reports; otherwise, you will have full access to all data by logging in to your account that we provide you with.

5a. Do you currently track your site with Google Analytics?


If yes, please provide the login and password here so that we can integrate your reporting into your new site.

Analytics Username:

Analytics Password:

5b. If you have a Google AdWords account and would like us to connect it to your Google Analytics reporting, please provide your login info. Connecting your accounts will allow you greater insight into visitor activity and website performance.

Adwords Username:

Adwords Password:


6. What web pages or types of content do you feel are most important to include on your site? What information can you offer potential clients to make your site especially valuable for their real estate needs?.

7. If you have an existing website, please indicate whether you plan to carry over content from the current site or create brand new content for the new site.

8. Does your business have active accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media websites? Please list the URLs of your profile pages so that we can link to them from your website.





9. We will be creating up to 15 Popular Searches for your website. These are essentially pre-sorted MLS search pages that customers are likely to look for. They provide an easy way for site visitors to find the listings they're most interested in, and also provide some relevant, keyword-rich content for search engines. Popular Searches are usually based on important towns, property types, and property features in your area. (i.e.: Burlington Condos; Wellesley Luxury Homes; Lake Winnipesaukee Waterfront Property, etc.) Please list some searches that you feel would be most valuable to the types of customers you'd like to attract.

10. The following list details items that could be on your homepage. Please go through the following list and answer each line item depending on its importance:

Featured Listings on Home Page
Open House Search (if available) YesNoUnsure
Sold Listings Search (if available) YesNoUnsure
Customer Testimonials YesNoUnsure
Homepage Video YesNoUnsure
Recent Blog Posts YesNoUnsure
Recent Tweets YesNoUnsure
Buying Information YesNoUnsure
Seller Information YesNoUnsure
Commercial Properties YesNoUnsure
Rentals YesNoUnsure
Multi-Family YesNoUnsure
Land YesNoUnsure


Important Note: You will be having a design conversation directly with our designer, the information you provide below allows her to prepare for your discussion.

11. If you have an existing website, please list any visual elements of the current site that you would especially like to see carried over or abandoned in the redesign.

12. While we are here to help, you are responsible for making sure that your site complies with any branding regulations mandated by the franchise you work with or by law.  If there are particular branding guidelines we need to follow, please provide us this information so we can design your site to suit them.

I Understand

13. Do you have any additional branding or marketing elements that you would like to include in your new website? For example: logo, color scheme, naming conventions, etc. If you have materials that we can use, please upload them to Basecamp in high resolution .jpeg format. Logos should be submitted in .eps format.

Additional Comments

14. Is there any additional information you'd like to share to help us understand your business or address business needs?