How can you make the most of search engine marketing, social media, and property search tools? Our best practice webinars are designed to help you do just that. Join us as we discuss key topics to make your marketing more effective and increase your lead generation. You can learn at your own pace anytime of the day by logging into our webinar channel and selecting a topic you want to learn more on.

  • New! Website Best Practices

    In this webinar we'll focus on how to create a website that is compelling, not only to potential homebuyers but to search engines as well. We will discuss the fundamentals of keyword research and how you can use free tools to evaluate your online market area and apply that knowledge to your website's content, structure and MLS data.
  • Social Media Best Practices

    In this webinar we will discuss how to effectively use social media. We will help you understand how to use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Yelp to engage your audience. We'll also discuss the difference between each website and its different applications for your audience. At the end of the webinar you will be able to identify how it needs to tie back into your website and marketing. Effectively using these tools in the context of Inbound Marketing will help you to listen and engage with both, your current clients and prospective clients, creating a closed loop marketing strategy.
  • Web Video For Real Estate

    In this webinar we'll discuss how to effectively integrate video into your real estate website. We focus on the four genres of web video that are most compelling for website visitors. You will be able to watch examples of effective videos, which will help you understand how you can use web video on your own site. Using video effectively will increase user engagement and illustrate why you are the most knowledgeable Realtor in your market area.