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Twitter is one of the leading “micro-blogging” platforms for business. Whether you’re in real estate, ecommerce, content/media, non-profits or anything really, Twitter has the potential to be a useful tool in your technology-related business efforts.

This series exists to help you evaluate Twitter as a tool you might use for your business. I’ve included tool reviews, how-to, lists and all sorts of other resources to help get you going and discover new ways to use Twitter. However, if you find that I’m missing something please don’t hesitate to let me know. I update these pages frequently.

Twitter for Business: Strategy

If you’re going to start using Twitter for your business you might need to find some way to justify your time learning the tool etc. You might want to consider how you deploy the tool or make use of the information you can gather from it. Here you will find articles that involve making strategic use of Twitter for business.

Explore business strategy and Twitter »

Twitter for Business: Get Started

Find a host of articles and blog posts that are great for getting started with Twitter. Some of the articles are long lists, some of them are more narrative. There should be something there for most anyone’s learning style.

Also, there is software that will help make your Twitter experience easier and more productive. Links to articles covering these basic tools are included on the “Getting started with Twitter for Business” page.

Explore articles to help you get started with Twitter »

Twitter for Business: Use Case Scenarios

Some of you will probably need to identify a reason to use Twitter before giving it a try. The pages below contain links to examples of how others are currently using Twitter and the tools surrounding it to make their business better.

Twitter Use Case: Lead Generation

If you are in a lead generation business, Twitter can help you locate and communicate with people who can use your product or service. Links to examples of people making use of Twitter to meet people and start a sales process. Plus additional Twitter tools to help you with lead generation.

Twitter for Lead Generation »

Twitter Use Case: eCommerce

What if you sell a widget or have some other business method that doesn’t require an exceptionally deep relationship with your customer? Perhaps you’ll find Twitter to be useful for promoting sales or making limited offers.

Twitter for eCommerce »

Twitter Use Case: Reputation Management

Individuals are using Twitter to talk about things they love and hate. If they love your brand it’s good to know. If they hate it, perhaps you can find out why and fix it. Links to examples of people using Twitter to hear what others are saying about them… and then taking action to improve any bad experiences. Plus software that helps you monitor and listen to Twitter conversations.

Twitter for Reputation Management »

Twitter Use Case: Communication

At its core, Twitter is a simple means of communicating. If you can make a business case for buying and using a cell phone then maybe you can do the same with Twitter. Links to examples of Twitter use as a communication medium at conferences, within teams and for general communication with clients and co-workers. Plus tools to help you improve your communication via Twitter.

Twitter for Communication »

Twitter Use Case: Trendwatching

Perhaps there are general topics and conversations that are relevant to your business. Twitter makes a great tool for watching what sort of new buzz is being generated online. These are examples of tools and techniques to identify rising trends via Twitter.

Twitter for Trendwatching »

Twitter Use Case: Customer Service

People are talking and describing their experiences on Twitter. Their experience with your business might be a topic of conversation. Be pro-active and use Twitter as a genuine customer service channel. These are articles about how to use Twitter to improve your customers’ experience with your product and/or service.

Twitter for Customer Service »

Twitter Use Case: Everything Else

Here are a few other random articles and posts about Twitter use, including laundry lists of ideas and the “using Twitter to get out of jail” example.

Twitter for getting out of jail »

Twitter for Business: Tools and Techniques

There are several ways you might use Twitter in your business. These pages include reviews of tools that help you listen and communicate in the microblogging sphere.

Twitter Tools: Listening

Even if you’re too shy to speak up in Twitter, you can still hear what people are saying. Explore Twitter reviews that help you listen »

Twitter Tools: Communicating

Find the tools to help you communicate in the right style. Explore tools that help you participate in conversations via Twitter »

Twitter Tools: Analytics and Measurement

Sooner or later you’re going to wonder how your conversation, brand or topic measures up. Or whether your improving or what. How do we measure social media anyway? Explore tools and techniques for measuring Twitter »

Twitter for Business: Naysaying

Not everyone likes Twitter. And I think it’s important to hear arguments against any buzzworthy technology. Explore thoughts on why people avoid Twitter »

Appendix: Lists

The List of Lists of Twitter Tools

A popular style of blog post just makes a giant list with not a whole lot of commentary. Twitter, being a pretty popular topic at the moment, has many of such lists. If you’ve scoured everywhere for everything on Twitter and still need more, this page is my collection of the giant lists I find. Explore the Twitter List of Lists »

Twitter for Real Estate: Who To Follow?

If you’re just getting started, sometimes it helps to see how others are using the tool. If you’re in the real estate industry, there are several lists of people who might be good to follow to learn how they do it or because they say insightful things or because they’re just fun. Explore the lists of Who to Follow in Real Estate Twitter »