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Boston International Real Estate

A Rapidly Growing Brokerage with High Standards

As a rapidly growing Brokerage in a highly competitive market, Boston International Real Estate depends on uncompromising technology and expertise to power their business. David Paez founded B.I.R.E back in 2011; since that time, the company has offered customers a full suite of personalized relocation services designed to ease the transition of relocating and help recent transplants feel comfortable living in Boston.

With four neighborhoods that rank in the top-10 in the nation for home buying (Boston Globe), the Boston real estate market is competitive. The city’s increase in high-wage jobs has created a high-income market with only a small supply of homes. In a loud, growing marketplace, B.I.R.E wanted to be heard.

Their goal: to attract more customers.

Their challenge: gaining more visibility within a over-populated marketplace.

Advanced Paid Strategy Powers Visibility

For the first three years they were in business, Boston International Real Estate struggled to establish a website that met their professional standards. The increasingly crowded Boston real estate market only escalated these challenges. When we connected with David, we knew his company needed to rethink their current marketing strategy in order to stay competitive. In a noisy marketplace like Boston, our team recognized the need for a comprehensive paid search strategy to ensure optimal search engine visibility.

  • Individualized targeting: knowing that David wanted to focus on specific neighborhoods, towns and luxury buildings, our Google certified paid search expert created a narrow keyword targeting strategy to seamlessly reach customers that were searching for information on those areas. For optimization purposes, the daily budget was divided into United States and International campaigns. By analyzing the location data, our team could help David’s team better understand the search behavior of international traffic.
  • Increased engagement: once potential customers had interacted with the ads, we knew it was essential to retain their attention through unique, content-rich landing pages. Knowing that David wanted to showcase his luxury buildings, we suggested creating a page for each. This solution would allow his team to provide visitors with more property information than just the listing details, giving them plenty of opportunities to engage. By driving potential leads directly to relevant information, B.I.R.E was able to increase the quality of their traffic and their search engine ranking.

Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace

It was a year ago this month that Boston International Real Estate teamed up with Union Street Media. Since that time, they have seen a significant increase in site traffic both locally and internationally.

  • 48% increase in page views              
  • 47% increase in sessions              
  • 40% increase in new users

By combining our software solutions with a solid digital marketing strategy, Boston International Real Estate increased their digital visibility, leading to a 68% increase in overall site traffic in just one year!

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