5 Quick Tips To Help You Close More PPC Leads

The other day I discovered an article on Search Engine Land entitled “How to help your sales team close more paid search leads.” In it, they addressed a common pain point with paid search: although it generates plenty of high-quality leads, a minimal number of them are actually closing.

The author goes on to address the main reasons why your PPC (pay-per-click) leads are different from other lead generation approaches (cold calling, print advertising, social media ads). The most important reason, he concludes, is because paid search leads are initiating contact rather than reacting to contact. Furthermore, these leads are already actively looking for a solution, and you probably aren’t the only agent they are seeking.

For this reason, it is imperative for your agents to have a process in place when it comes to handling PPC leads. Below are 5 quick tips – originally from the author, Jacob Baadsgaard – that have been tweaked to address home buyers and sellers specifically:

1. Respond Quickly

As mentioned above, PPC leads are actively searching – whether its to find a listing or an agent – and (more likely than not) are also initiating contact with a competitor in your area. That makes the initial contact with this lead incredibly important. So important in fact, that according to InsideSales.com, 50 percent of buyers choose the vendor that responds first.

Also, according to the article, new leads are 100x more likely to respond if contacted within five minutes (vs. after 30 minutes). The less time you give buyers and sellers to be able to continue their searches online, the better. They continue their search online after the initial contact, so developing your relationship with them is the key to winning their business.

2. Be Persistent

In some cases, it may seem easier to move on to another lead rather than continue to pursue one that is currently hot. However, the reason they are hot is because they have the potential to close more quickly once you finally speak with them.

Jacob Baadsgaard suggests shooting for a minimum of 8 to 12 contact attempts over a 10 to 14 day period if you wish to achieve a 90% contact rate. Keep in mind that these numbers may not be the same for everybody. In order to determine what works best for you or your agents, start keeping track of how many touches it takes, on average, to close these types of buyers and sellers.

3. Don’t Waste Leads

Losing leads is expensive – especially when they are hot (users opt to click on PPC ads; these leads are intent driven and ready for more information, even if it doesn’t always seem that way initially). That’s why it’s important to steer away from the idea that there will always be more leads out there. After all, you don’t want to continue spending money on more leads when you aren’t closing the ones you have.

4. Align Your Solution With Their Needs

This tip is pretty self-explanatory… if a buyer reaches out to you about a specific listing, make sure that you are clearly addressing that buyer’s wants and needs. As a real estate professional, you don’t have the luxury of a monopoly; if you can’t demonstrate your value to your potential clients right off the bat, they are going to lose interest and move on.

5. Get Them Off The Market

Given everything that we have already discussed, it’s clear that most PPC leads are in an active purchase mindset. By demonstrating that you are the right agent for them and by working strategically to close the lead as quickly as possible, you lower the risk of losing them to another competitor in your market.

What do you think of these tips? Share your thoughts below!

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