Utilizing Google Local For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization is a time-intensive exercise. We regularly tell clients that SEO is an endurance race, not a sprint. You must work on your site consistently to make sure that you are accurately represented in Google searches. This is because, as we sometimes tell people, “No one can pull the strings at Google.”

This statement has one notable exception: the Google local listings. You have undoubtedly run across the local listings while performing searches in Google with a location attached to your search phrase. For example, lets say you search for “web design 05401.”  You get a search page that looks like this:

The local listings are the ones that appear next to the map. You can have direct control over these listings. By utilizing Google Local listings you will give your business great visibility for people searching locally for your services. If you click on Union Street Media’s entry you are taken to a page that we have set up for our business that looks like this:

As you can see, you can literally write your own ticket in the Google Local Business Center. You can add pictures, enter hours of operation in addition to many other pieces of information that will give your business visibility and attract attention. A great way to get a better idea of what this feature has to offer is to look at the Google Local Business Center Introductory Video.

Setting up your Google local account takes a little work. In addition to filling in your business info, there is a phone or mail based address verification check that you will need to complete.  A solid listing can be created within 15 minutes, and is totally worth the investment of time.  To get started click here to go to the Google Local Business Center.