Google Analytics Update: Your Internet Marketing Animated

Google Analytics is updating. The stuff they are adding to the tool is bending my brain. For those of you who are diving into your own analytics in support of a data-driven internet marketing strategy you will be very very excited. For those of you not in this category perhaps it is time to start.

And, of course, if you’d rather be taking care of the core aspects of your business (selling real estate or service or products) then be happy that your internet marketing team can now dig a little deeper and tease out a little more insight from Google Analytics.


This video example shows how you can look at the performance of a keyword for your website, tracked over time. How is this useful?

  • Quickly show relationships of valuable keywords
  • Show how value changes over time (perhaps in relation to market events or your own marketing efforts)
  • Show how customer interest changes over time (again, perhaps in relation to events or your own internet marketing)

I should note that this is just one of several new features that are being rolled out. And not even the juiciest (advanced segmentation is the juiciest or maybe the API or maybe…).

3 thoughts on “Google Analytics Update: Your Internet Marketing Animated

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