“Maps and Data” from the Archives of Real Estate Internet Marketing by Union Street Media

Map of Taizé

Image by forteller.ipernity.com via Flickr

Real estate is local. This is a phrase that’s heard all the time. Understanding “local” is a big part of getting marketing right whether your message/conversation is online or offline.

Maps are excellent tools to understand what “local” is. Adding a layer of relevant data on top of geographic data can be the starting point for developing powerful insights into what changes may lie ahead, what audiences you might want to serve more aggressively with your real estate internet marketing, where you might find those audiences and so on.

I’ve dug through the archives of this blog to find past posts about maps and data, for all of you new readers (and old readers who might have missed something previously).

[This post is an example of a “forgotten in the archives” post as discussed in “Help Your New Readers Find Your Best Old Posts.”]