New Real Estate Social Media Adoption Survey

CREST, which recently released results from its first survey, apparently believes that no moss gathers on a rolling stone. They have prepared their second survey. This time focusing on social media and widgets.

If you are a real estate pro with any sort of web presence at all please head over there and take the CREST Social Media Adoption survey.

2 thoughts on “New Real Estate Social Media Adoption Survey

  1. Thanks for the mention, and the link! That could become CREST’s motto: There’s no moss on the CREST.

    Yeah, one of our goals is to continually release new data about real estate and social media. About once every quarter is our goal. That way we can keep our surveys short and our results fresh. After a year or so, we’ll start trending our data by asking questions first asked a year ago.

    Thanks again for the linkature!

  2. That first survey rocked, Ben. Once I get a chance I’ll be adding my own analysis to what you and Mark have already done.

    It’s great to have a realtor-focused group assembling data like this. It helps everyone drive in the right direction.

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