Week in Review June 20: Use It

This week I’m going to focus the WiR on posts that contain some directly applicable information. I’ll sort them out from easiest to use to more advanced things.

The Basics:

These are things you can do yourself, right now. Without paying anyone anything at all.

The Intermediates:

These are things you can probably do yourself. Have the courage to give it a go. Or if you’re too busy or anxious about it, call Amanda or me (or your own team). But get your feet wet by reading these posts.

The Advanced:

Ok these might make your eyes glaze over. But give them a try anyway. Same as above, when in doubt call in the internet marketing team.

  • You’re ready to do some Search Engine Marketing (or maybe you already are). How do you figure out bids and search queries and keywords and all that stuff? Read Alex Cohen’s summary of optimizing your Adwords campaigns to get the best clicks.
  • Alright this one is a bit technical but be brave. We all know that this year really will be the year of the localized web (and I get my jetpack by fourth quarter). Here are some experts talking about working your SEO for local search. If you don’t understand the gobbledygook in this article, make sure the person working on your internet marketing does.

The Weekend:

I can never get enough of Bad MLS Photo of the Day.