Week in review: June 9th edition

Here we go, a few bits you shouldn’t miss from this past week on the Real Estate intertubes.

A couple new entrants into the real estate listings sphere

Inman reports on Overstock, the discount retailer, getting into the listings business. If that wasn’t enough, how about Wal Mart?

Thinking about consumer

Daniel Rothamel comes through again this week with a manifesto at AgentGenius:

For far to long, the industry has talked about engagement, only to have cold feet when the time came to get down on one knee. That cannot continue if the industry wants to remain relevant and grow moving forward.

At the same blog, Danilo Bogdanovic states:

Consumers no longer view us as the gate-keepers of information. Consumers can (and will) find the information themselves whether it be by word-of-mouth in person through friends, neighbors, groups or online via social networking, forums, blogs, etc.

But he does offer a possible solution to this problem.

More on the DoJ vs NAR

More questions raised at Inman. And speaking of VOW and MLS restrictions, CondoDomain limits services to it’s site visitors at the request of MLSPIN.

Channel dominance

Eric Blackwell describes the the ultimate real estate marketing team as:

a highly skilled group of folks who can EACH dominate a vertical (read: marketing channel) and they work UNSELFISHLY to defend each others’ turf.

Another Twitter success story in real estate

The real gem of this article by Lani Anglin-Rosales is this:

Tapping into social media is NOT however a lead generation machine, it is a pipeline filler. Understanding that defines your success.

Read the full story at AgentGenius.