Client Testimonial: Doreen Coones of Berkshires’ Monarch Realty Inc.

Here in the Union Street Media office, we regularly trade stories about projects that we’re proud of, but as soon as we got this testimonial from Doreen Coones at Monarch Realty in Adams, MA, we knew we had to share it far and wide.  Building and maintaining a website is a challenge, and it’s great to hear how our process and our people have helped to surpass Doreen’s goals for her new website. 

“Union Street Media rocks!  We LOVE our new webpage,, and our customers LOVE it too!  Because Monarch Realty Inc. is growing by leaps and bounds, we needed a more modern, user friendly and eye-popping website to accommodate our expansion.  Union Street Media is a God send!  We are so thrilled with the classy, resplendent, welcoming look and design and atmosphere of the site; it is more beautiful and user friendly than we envisioned! Not only is it alluring to consumers but it is so easy to use!  We have already received so many compliments from people who love our webpage and our new features!  Customers specifically admire the property search formats, the new listings layout, the interactive map and the ability to sign up for listing updates.  By far, the most popular new feature is our mobile site!  Our customers have stated it is the best mobile site they’ve visited and it is now the only one they use!

We owe our new found internet success to Union Street Media!  The entire team of professional and caring people are a pleasure to work with!  Everyone, from Dan Kompass, the Business Development Manager, to Joe Mester, Web Developer, work with you every step of the way while turning your website dreams into a live, vibrant site on the internet!

I wanted a web design company who could meet my goals, provide uncommon expertise, and one who afforded a continuing relationship after the launch of my website.  After searching the internet and examining several companies, the only web design company that stood out above the rest was Union Street Media.  Upon speaking with Dan Kompass, the Business Development Manager, I was sold!

Dan was incredibly honest, knowledgeable and understood exactly what I needed in a website.  He patiently explained the price structure, design process and gave me an estimated completion date for my project.  The contract he emailed was easy to understand, contained all the project details and the contract price matched the verbal quote.  The best part of all, there were no hidden costs!  The actual cost we were charged matched the projected cost!  Thank you Dan!

Ariana Wammer, Production Manager, was with me every step of the way, ensuring my complete satisfaction with each phase before we progressed to the next step.  She made the whole process a comfortable experience.  Her insight and understanding of what I wanted for both the design and administrative end of my website, gave me the confidence my website was in good hands.  Thank you Ariana!

I was fortunate to land Normandie Hyatt, Graphic Designer, as my website designer!  What a wonderful, dynamic & creative woman!  I did not realize Monarch butterflies, colors & formats could be so tricky and mind-boggling!  Thankfully for me, her young daughter lent a helping hand with the butterfly.  Determined to create a website the way I wanted, Normandie put on her thinking cap and went to work.  Upon my first site preview, I was astonished!  Her design was better than anything I envisioned!  She exceeded my expectations for my Monarch Butterfly and color scheme on the first attempt!  I fell in love with the whole sight right away!  Thank you Normandie for your lovely daughter, all your wonderful ideas and for your keen intellect of my desires.

Allyson Locke, Internet Marketer, is a person I cannot live without!  She is the epitome of a quality employee!  She is a laudable crackerjack with regards to all of the perplexing, complicated and baffling areas of internet marketing.  After one phone call with Allyson, I clearly understood an expert was what I needed to help promote my website not only at the beginning of the project but specifically once it was launched!  Allyson is the only person I wanted for the job!  Not only is she teaching me the basic principles of internet marketing but she constantly analyzes my site statistics and recommends improvements to obtain the best results for my company.  Her service was an upgrade to my project costs; one at first I was tempted to eliminate, but under the advisement of Dan Kompass I decided to include the figure in my budget.  It’s the best decision I made and one well worth the extra expenditure. Allyson is worth every penny and my website would be lost amongst the millions of other real estate websites without her finely honed abilities.  Thank you Allyson; I am so tickled to be working with you.

Most web design companies terminate the relationship once the project is completed and payment is received.  Not Union Street Media!  Minna Brown is my client service manager and an invaluable asset to both me and Union Street Media.  She takes as much pride in my website as I do!  She is in constant contact with me to make sure I am on track with my training on blogs and the back end administration of  my website.  She also noted I had not made any progress on the EXPLORE OUR AREA tab that I chose to build myself.  How impressive to know she cares and is easily accessible to lend a helping hand.  She continues to work with my local real estate board to configure a way to provide our customers with instant updates  on our listings.  Thank you Minna for your ceaseless efforts, without your positive attitude and encouragement my website would simply linger!

Union Street Media continues to provide stellar support once the training is complete and websites are launched.  Joe Mester, Web Developer, rapidly responds to my questions and concerns.  No matter how simple the query, he personally responds with the appropriate resolution and shows me where the training video/material is located.

Furthermore, Union Street Media does more than just design websites, they are committed to helping their clients use their websites to build a strong on-line presence, sell more homes and dominate their marketplace.  Their collection of resources available to their clients is commendable!    Their help center has articles, videos & blogs on an array of subjects devised to help clients attract, retain & convert leads to sales!

Union Street Media are team players and remain a key part of our business.  Their customer service is first-class and their products are unsurpassed.  We look forward to being the forerunner of on-line marketplace in our area and converting leads into sales through our high quality, easy to use website and mobile website.  We consider Union Street Media part of our family here at Monarch Realty Inc. and would refer them to anyone who is considering either creating or updating their website.  I salute you Union Street Media for a job well done.  Thank you for our new, interactive website & mobile website; you’ve made a customer for life!”

Doreen T. Coones

Co-founder, Partner, REALTOR®
Monarch Realty Inc.