Recent Real Estate Websites

We recently launched several new Vermont real estate websites and a new client in New York.[/caption%5D

Vermont Properties

Vermont Properties had worked with Union Street Media on their previous website in the past to increase its search engine placement. The previous site didn’t have many real estate features and the time was finally right for Vermont Properties to move to Union Street Media’s real estate website platform. The usability of our websites, search engine placement and MLS integration were key reasons to make the move. Having a developer who could also introduce new tools like our, mobile websites, will help them grow stronger and more competitive. Their new site is now a modern functioning site that displays Okemo specific listings and information – just what users are looking for![/caption%5D

Sarah Harrington Realtor

Sarah has been a long time Union Street Media client and wanted to redesign her website to reflect her brand. The new site was important because she wanted to have more control over content. The new site focuses more on neighborhoods and towns rather than the state of Vermont. Sarah is also very active on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and wanted to integrate those marketing channels directly into her website as well.[/caption%5D

The Moscillo Group

Also known as John M. Realty, John is one of Union Street Media’s long-term clients. After years of using his original website, he agreed to a redesign. John not only needed to reorganize his sites navigation but also review important design elements vital to doing business online. Overhauling one of our first websites was a great experience, as now John and his clients will be able to utilize more tools and features built by Union Street Media over the years. His new website also boosts an additional MLS that he has just expanded into.[/caption%5D

Century 21 Shoreland

Century 21 Shoreland wanted to create a central search for Cape Cod properties, local real estate news and relevant market information. With this goal in mind, they implemented an interactive map, a mobile website, and new search forms that allowed users to find the property they are looking for through the search method they prefer. We were also able to bring over and revamp their Gold Advantage Program which showcases many different businesses and resources in the area.[/caption%5D

Colucci Shand Realty

Colucci Shand Realty is one of our most recent IDX Broker websites built on WordPress. We utilize IDX Broker’s capabilities for MLS markets we have not entered with our own software. We were able to build a real estate website that has an easy to use backend tool, allow the Realtors at Colucci Shand to update content, edit listings and keep track of the leads they generate from their website. Their previous website had been outdated and difficult to use, so we reorganized their information and created a design that truly represents their market and office.[/caption%5D

Sandpiper Rentals

Sandpiper Rentals, Inc. is the rental website for Sandpiper Realty which launched a few months ago. Their two sites share a single website design to maintain consistent branding and marketing. The rentals website utilizes the Barefoot Rentals software which they use to manage and maintain their rental listings on Martha’s Vineyard. Having two websites allows Sandpiper to grow each part of their company individually and cater to each users needs more effectively.[/caption%5D

Judy Foregger Redesign

Judy was one of Union Street Media’s very first clients. Her original site launched in early in 2000. After twelve years, her site needed an update. Judy loved everything about her previous website, but needed to redesign it to take advantage of newer features. As a result, Judy now has a design that represents her market, Stowe, Vermont. It also provides much more user-friendly tools, such as the interactive map search and a mobile website for her clients to utilize.[/caption%5D

Element Real Estate

Dan Cypress and Jessica Bridge of Element Real Estate had a unique vision for their website redesign. Using our real estate platform we were able to create a modern, blog-like site which achieved the look and feel they were going for. They wanted to remove a lot of the items that they felt were cluttering up their old Union Street Media website and add a bit more personalization around them as a team.

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