Recent Website Launches

When a potential client comes to us looking for a new or redesigned website, it’s always exciting to imagine what we’ll come up with, how the design will progress and how the site will function. It’s even more exciting when the site launches. That has definitely been true for the following websites that we recently launched. They represent a wide variety of client type and website needs.

Bill Beck Real Estate

Bill Beck Real Estate has been a Union Street Media client for many years. Originally, they had Union Street Media handle their MLS data feed which they framed into their previous website. After a few years they decided it was time to build a new website that was easier for clients to use, had an integrated IDX solution and could rank better across the board in their market. Union Street Media worked with them to create a professional website that is a great example of how to combine real estate expertise and the local market.

Beacon Real Estate

Beacon Real Estate is based out of Nantucket. They have a lot of experience as realtors and have recruited other experienced realtors from the area to help build the new office. They decided to have Union Street Media build their website because they believed we had a lot of experience in their market. We built a new Rentals System to help them cover all the beautiful summer rentals in their area. Their new website is a perfect example of company branding and ease of use. They launched their site on Memorial Day and received a tremendous amount of positive feedback at a local event.

Ann Cummings and
Jim Lee

This team of accomplished real estate agents is part of the Re/Max Coast to Coast office which is also a Union Street Media client. They are very tech savvy and needed a website that would allow them to flex their abilities. Our admin system gave them the ability to update their site and keep it growing over time. They were running three separate websites and decided it was time to focus all their energy in one place and really make it count, and of course generate some additional business from it.

Tucker Welch Properties

Taking advantage of all of our newest real estate web tools, Tucker Welch Properties worked with Union Street Media to focus specifically on their website. Their previous website had listings that had to be manually updated and lacked a Real Estate specific design. They approached Union Street Media to help them build an integrated IDX they didn’t have to update daily and to build a website that would showcase their real estate knowledge and expertise. One thing they really wanted was to feature specific properties and we helped design a elegant and attractive featured listing tool on their homepage.

Noseworthy Real Estate

Union Street Media had run into agents of Noseworthy Real Estate at the NHAR convention and started talking about internet marketing and real estate websites. Their previous website was hard to update, not easy for buyers to navigate and had manually uploaded MLS listings.  With the admin system, Noseworthy was able to upload content easily and it allowed them to create a user friendly and informative website. The real time MLS listings and featured listings have allowed them to keep potential buyers updated on property details and has helped them generate more business.