Mobile phone? Sure. For texting.

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Neilsen is reporting that “Americans each sent or received 357 text messages a month then, compared with 204 phone calls.” Moreover, this is the third quarter in a row that text messages beat out phone calls.

After the break, the chart that gives a breakdown of usage by age. Some of which might surprise you.

Texting vs Voice calls age demographics

Texting isn’t just for kids

The 13-17 demographic shows the biggest difference between voice and txt, which isn’t much of a surprise. What is useful for those who market to grownups is that the tendency to send a text message is equal to that of a voice call all the way up into the 35-44 age demographic.

Your customers are, right now, probably using text messaging. They’re using it schedule meetings, get directions, look things up on Google and stay in touch.

How did I hear about this study? Via Twitter, naturally.

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