Building a Foundation for Success: New Digital Marketing Services

SEO, by and far one of the most popular buzzwords at real estate conventions, can no longer be your only digital marketing tactic. It’s about more than that.

According to a study by Google and the National Association of Realtors, 70 percent of homebuyers only contacted a single agent before selecting one to assist them with the purchase of their home. Homebuyers do not have the patience to interview dozens of local agents in search of the right fit. Instead, they are more likely to follow the path of least resistance and choose an agent that is already top of mind or easy to find.

So how do you snag that coveted spot when 92% of buyers begin their search online?

Answer: you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that pursues buyers and sellers from all directions so that you establish trust and maintain top of mind awareness.

The most successful real estate agents and brokers use a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that not only involves SEO, but also implements PPC tactics, display and social advertising, remarketing, and content creation.

A widely recognized study found that even a #1 organic ranking can benefit from a PPC campaign. Since Google controls both organic and paid search ad placements, they use engagement data for both types of search results to decide how you appear. In other words, poor organic rankings can tank even the most well-organized PPC campaigns, and a stellar paid search campaign can jettison your organic traffic to higher levels of success. As you implement multiple digital marketing strategies, they amplify one another to cast a wider net across the web.

Let’s dig into these strategies a little deeper.

SEO and Content Creation

Earning trust from search engines employs the same strategies used in earning trust from your visitors. Unique, informative content is at the forefront of that. You should create individualized, locally targeted content that is highly relevant for visitors and optimize it to grab attention from search engines.


Choose concise, engaging copy that displays alongside the organic searches in search engine results pages. Pick a budget for how much you are willing to spend per click, and monitor the ads as they gain traction.

Display Advertising and Remarketing

While display advertising will not deliver the bulk of your leads, it’s responsible for extending your brand awareness beyond your website, introducing you to potential customers. Create ads that will appear on major news portals and other related sites throughout the web. If you want to take it one step further, engage in remarketing strategies that target your site visitors after they leave your website, with tailored messaging that re-engages them and influences action, such as a phone call to an agent.

Social Advertising

Social advertising involves targeting qualified buyers and sellers through social media platforms like Facebook. Once you have an idea of who your ideal client is, create engaging ads that resonate with different audiences. Leverage social data and target your potential customers based on their age, geographic location, gender, interests, past behavior and more.

Union Street Media knows that the most successful real estate agents implement a full-fledged digital marketing strategy tailored to their business goals. With that in mind, we’ve enhanced our services to boast an even wider selection of on-site and off-site marketing tactics.